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Frequently Asked Question

1. What are Legal Services ? कभी कभी

13. What does the SCLSC do next?

2. What is free Legal Aid ?

14. What happens after the grant of Legal Aid?

3. Whether everybody is eligible to get Free Legal Aid from the Authority?

15. Whether one has to incur expenses at any stage?

4. Is Income Certificate / Caste Certificate always necessary to prove one’s income?

16. For further details whom should be contacted?

5. Whether only for particular type of cases legal aid is available?

17. How Legal Literacy is spread? Whether NGOs can participate in the activities of the Legal Services Authority to spread legal literacy?

6. At what levels one can get Free Legal Aid?

18. What is Lok Adalat? Who acts as Conciliator in Lok Adalat?

7. What steps one should take in order to get free legal aid or free legal services?

19. What types of disputes are settled in the Lok Adalats?

8. Who shall be heading these Committees / Authorities?

20. What are the special features of Lok Adalats?

9. Is it true that approaching the Supreme Court of India for legal remedies is unaffordable to the layman?

21. What powers Lok Adalat has?

10. When can a person approach the SCLSC?

22. What is a Permanent Lok Adalat?

11. Are there cases for which no legal aid or advice will be given?

23. How does the Permanent Lok Adalat function?

12. What one should do to obtain legal aid or advice?

24. What is the nature of the judgement of Permanent Lok Adalat ?

25. Name a few Public Utility Services ?

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